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Improve your athletic performance

Varying your workouts, recovery time and hydration like water or this tea for men are key to improving your athletic performance. Improving your athletic performance can be about improving your response time, muscle strength or mental prowess. Whatever you find important. Leading an active lifestyle is great for your physical and mental health. Therefore, it can be a bummer when you find out your body let you down with age. When we age, our body changes and with it our metabolism. We burn fewer calories and our body breaks down food differently. Consequently, we need to change our diet and maybe even our workouts accordingly.

During the workout

Firstly, alternate your workouts. This way, you will train different muscles. Switching things up occasionally is great stimulation for your body. A different kind of cardio every two weeks keeps things exciting and fights boredom. Secondly, buy some equipment to monitor your performance like a watch or even just a pen and paper. Keeping track of your results can help you push your body further. Furthermore, the evidence of your progress is a great motivator as well. After all that hard work is recovery time just as important. Your body needs time to heal to prevent injury and restore your energy. Just take some rest days in between your workout days.

During the day

Your diet can help improve your athletic performance as well. For breakfast, switch the sugary cereals for a healthy amount of proteins and fats. Find some alternatives for the unhealthy foods you like to snack on during the day. Don’t forget water. Staying hydrated during the day, but especially during your workouts should be a priority since it is easy to get dehydrated. Besides water, you can also use Pirate Tea. It is a tea specially made for men to increase their athletic performance. The ingredients included can increase testosterone, support your heart and brain, and boost your immune system.